Lessons to learn about Digital Design
Tuesday 26th March 2019

A brand-new, cutting edge course from IRRV Scotland – targeted at revenues and benefits managers and team leaders

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This is a brand-new course led by Vanguard Scotland on behalf of the IRRV.

Whilst the era of digital governance is upon us we need to learn lessons from those organisations that have been at the forefront of designing digital services for customers.

Agile is a proven method for managing IT projects to deliver efficiently. However, unless it is blended with an understanding of what matters to customers, it can be in danger of efficiently delivering an IT system that is not effective and no-one wants or needs.

There are many IT programs and apps that have never got off the ground as customers find them too difficult to use or have no use for them.

How can we ensure what we design matters to customers and requires minimum customer effort?

We need to understand the current service from the customers' point of view and design against their demand.

Too often Digital Design is used as a strategy merely to reduce costs - the logic is it costs us £3.00 to take a phone call but only 50 pence if the customer goes on line so let’s get customers online.

This is the wrong way to think about digital services. We must start with the customer in mind, not costs, and understand the customer journey end to end before considering how to improve it.

In this course, delegates will learn how to find out what matters to customers and using the principles of agile deliver what matters. This means that we get more value from IT.

Course purpose – To lay out the steps required and the potential pitfalls of going digital :

  • Mistakes made when going digital

  • Understanding what matters to customers

  • Getting clarity of the main problems with the current service from the customer’s point of view

  • Building problem statements (Case study how google builds problem solving statements)

  • Digital slicing

  • Agile principles and practices

  • Releasing the new digital service to the market

  • Measuring the right things

  • What leaders should pay attention to when running a digital system

A case study from Vanguard Scotland is attached along with a full brochure to give delegates further background.

This course will be lead by Denise Toscani, Managing Director of Vanguard Scotland Ltd, a consultancy firm with expertise in the design and management of work from a customers' perspective and an understanding of intervention theory, that is, how to get change.

With over 20 years of working with clients in the public sector to transform services she is well aware of the unique challenges and system conditions that can hinder change in this environment.

Assisting Denise is Stuart Corrigan the head of agile for Lloyds Banking Group and the former agile director at Zurich. He is expert is systems thinking and digital design.

Vanguard Scotland is running a special event with IRRV to explain the Vanguard principles for digitising more effectively. Delegates will learn :

  • The importance of understanding what services to digitise and what not to digitise?

  • How design digital services that customers want by understanding demand on the current service

  • How to analyse the existing system to gain insight into what needs to change

  • How to ensure that IT projects remain on track and deliver functions that matter

  • How to identify the ‘value’ work from the customers point of view

The seminar represents excellent value for money, with seminar fees starting at only £145 + VAT. Every fourth place from the same organisation booked for the course in this brochure (and made in the same booking) is entirely free of charge.

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