Excellence in Performance and People Management
Friday 14th June 2019

Leapark Hotel, Grangemouth – REVISED DATE - Friday 14th June 2019

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I write to remind you of this new and invaluable workshop. Responding to requests from a number of delegates at recent events, RRV in partnership with John Giblin, has put together event to assist attendees to deliver excellence in performance and people management. Please note the revised date of 14th June with an improved offer - every third place from the same organisation booked for this workshop (and made in the same booking) is entirely free of charge.

If you think that you or your team have a problem with performance management or you are aware of inappropriate behaviours connected to it, this workshop is for you. If you think that you may not always be measuring the right things and that your measurement and reporting is not fully embedded you will benefit greatly from this event. When it comes to individual or team feedback on performance, if you feel that you or your organisation sometimes avoids those difficult conversations, or performance issues are handled in an inappropriate way, this workshop is most definitely for you.

This workshop provides a practical introduction to understanding how delivering customer satisfaction must be central to your performance management. It looks at what makes a good measure and how you might get the right management information and use it in the right way. The workshop will explore the extent to which performance measurement and reporting must be firmly embedded in your process management and people management systems. We will also look at how proactive use of performance management information is critical to continuous improvement, especially when it is used to engage, direct and motivate staff performance. We will look at why some people and organisations continually avoid having those difficult performance related conversations and we will look extensively at how you might use recognised good practice to improve in this critical area.

This session has time for questions and answers. And there will be an extended session in the afternoon for facilitated discussion. Finally, we will close the day with an open forum to discuss how the day’s learning can be practically deployed back at the office. The day will begin with coffee and registration from 9.30am and will conclude around 3.30pm to 3.45pm. A full agenda will be available to registered delegates before the event.

The seminar represents excellent value for money, with seminar fees starting at only £145 + VAT. Every third place from the same organisation booked for this workshop (and made in the same booking) is entirely free of charge.

Download the booking for here