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MISCELLANEOUS INCOME CONFERENCE 2019 - Sundry Debt collection into the 2020s
Thursday 14th November 2019

The IRRV Miscellaneous Income Conference 2019 took place on 14th November and was well-received with great speaker presentations that you can download below :

Sophie Lane

Alistair Townsend

Alistair Turnbull

Christine Hoffin

Kelly Jones

Miscellaneous Income Conference 2019 workshops

Nigel Blair

Rob Shefras Rachel Addai


Topical workshop : DWP’s Housing Benefit Accuracy initiative and an update on all issues around fraud and error

Friday 27th November 2020


Lessons to learn about Digital Design - A cutting edge course from IRRV Scotland - targeted at revenues and benefits managers and team leaders

Monday 30th November 2020


Post COVID-19 Telephone Debt Collection Workshop

Thursday 3rd December 2020


Council Tax New Masterclass and Case Studies Workshop

Friday 4th December 2020


Challenges and solutions in difficult times

Thursday 10th December 2020