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Complaints handling and the SPSO complaints procedure
Tuesday 5th May 2020

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IRRV is pleased to advise of this important training event on complaints handling – taking place on 5th May in Grangemouth.

Complaint handling - the law and how it affects you : Scotland has had a statutory complaints procedure for eighteen years. The Ombudsman has published an updated Model s Handling Procedure (31st January 2020) and authorities have until April 2021 to bring their procedures into line.

This course provides training on the statutory demands on authorities to deal with complaints and how that works in practice. Dealing with complaints can be stressful for local authority staff and members of the public. With that in mind attention will be given to understanding why people make complaints and provide some tools for managing difficult behaviours.

This course will be of interest to all IRRV members, managers and supervisors.

The course will cover:

  • The 2002 Scottish Public Services Ombudsman Act.

  • Enforcement the powers and the limits on what the SPSO can investigate.

  • The 2020 Model Complaints Handling Procedure and what has changed.

  • Conducting investigations and reviews.

  • Resolving complaints.

  • Best Practice in complaints handling.

  • The psychology behind why people make complaints.

  • How to meet the needs of complainers.

  • Handling complaints with data protection, freedom of information and confidentiality issues.


At the end of the course, delegates will have :

  • An understanding of your authority’s obligations for handling complaints.

  • An understanding of the consequences of complaints for you and your Authority.

  • Managing the relationship with the person making the complaint.

  • Managing ourselves when dealing with complaints.

  • How to make a good apology.

The course will be led by John Harding. John has over 30 years' experience administering benefits and Council Tax in Edinburgh. In that time he has acquired extensive practice in investigating, preparing and presenting appeals to Review Boards, Appeals Tribunals and the Valuation Appeal Committee as well as negotiating complaint outcomes with the Scottish Public Sector Ombudsman.

The workshop represents excellent value for money, with seminar fees starting at only £165 + VAT. Every third place from the same organisation booked for this course (and made in the same booking) is entirely free of charge.


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