DWP’s Housing Benefit Accuracy Award Initiative 2021 and 2022 – and an update on all things fraud, error and debt
Tuesday 1st June 2021

An on-line training summit over two mornings

Tuesday 1st and Thursday 3rd June 2021

The COVID-19 health emergency, it has not proved possible to run our usual training events in Grangemouth. In response to demand from delegates, we are running a series of Spring 2021 training events on-line through the highly successful GoToWebinar and Microsoft Teams platforms. This will allows for a full training day but spread over two mornings and will allow for full audience interaction and Q&A sessions in addition to a full training presentation.

Responding to requests from a number of delegates at recent events, IRRV, in partnership with John Giblin and Alan Sullivan, has put together this invaluable summit covering the Housing Benefit Accuracy Award Initiative plus an update on all things fraud, error and debt.

It is for Heads of Service, Benefit Managers, Team Leaders and other relevant staff responsible for managing DWP’s fraud, error and debt initiatives in general; and in particular maximising Housing Benefit award accuracy and optimising Housing Benefit overpayment recovery.

John and Alan will provide a focussed update on the new Housing Benefit Award Accuracy Initiative 2021 to 2022 and in particular how it can best provide Local Authorities with high quality management information to help keep Housing Benefit payments right.

More generally the presenters will share their current thinking and the current status of all things fraud, error and debt. In general this will include:


  • current levels of HB fraud and error
  • update on the latest National Fraud Initiative outputs
  • the self-employed review
  • the latest on the Payment Deduction Programme
  • Verification of Earnings and Pensions (VEP)
  • Housing Benefit Debt Service (Real Time Information from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) on employment and pension data, for Housing Benefit overpayment recovery
  • Breathing Space update
  • Debt recovery and Vulnerability DEA pilot (HMRC/Council Tax Pilot 2)
  • The totality of DWP Housing Benefit Administration funding.


John will provide an independent view of the current levels of fraud, error and debt within an historical context and will evaluate DWP’s recent tactics. He will also demonstrate the challenges and value of implementing a comprehensive right benefit strategy.

Alan will provide an independent view on what he thinks can be done within DWP and between DWP and Local Authorities, to get more control over Housing Benefit Fraud and Error and better protect the billions of pounds of expenditure at risk.

Over the last 12 years, John and Alan have delivered more than 100 workshops for IRRV and more than 95% of the delegates have rated them as very good or excellent.

Due to their huge popularity in previous workshops, John and Alan will again facilitate syndicate and group sessions to ensure that you get the optimal exchange of knowledge and ideas, from each other. These will be set around the challenges and opportunities emerging from the day’s exchange of knowledge.

A full agenda will be available to registered delegates before the event.

The summit represents excellent value for money, with seminar fees starting at only £165 + VAT.

We have held delegate charges at 2019 levels and, in addition, every third place from the same organisation booked in the same booking comes entirely free of charge.

A full brochure is here