Post COVID-19 Telephone Debt Collection - a half day online workshop
Monday 24th May 2021

Monday 24th May 2021

The COVID-19 health emergency, it has not proved possible to run our usual training events in Grangemouth. In response to demand from delegates, we are running a series of Spring 2021 training events on-line through the highly successful GoToWebinar and Microsoft Teams platforms. This will allow for full audience interaction and Q&A sessions in addition to a full training presentation.

The coronavirus pandemic has had serious financial implications for many households some of which find themselves with debt problems for the first time.

As local authorities and other organisations continue their recovery procedures, a key objective will be to make payment arrangements based on ability to pay. To achieve this, direct verbal contact with debtors will be critical. Staff will, therefore, need to be equipped with the necessary communication and negotiation skills.

Meaningful payment arrangements can only be made once the debtor’s financial circumstances are understood. This requires a structured approach to conversations, not only asking the right questions but doing so in the right order thus ensuring the necessary information is obtained, not just the details the debtor might want to provide.

This course will examine the different financial consequences of the pandemic and cover the interpersonal skills and behaviours required to maintain control of conversations and negotiate effectively including managing confrontation.

The course is relevant to managers involved in the development of collection strategies as well as all those who deal directly with debtors on the telephone or face to face.

The course leader for the workshop is Allan Traynor. Allan is a past national President of the IRRV, and has extensive experience of revenues administration and collection in local government.

Allan has delivered many collections and recovery related courses in Scotland before and delegate feedback includes :

“I now realise there are more and different skills that I can adopt to deal with phone calls more efficiently”

“I will now be able to control the conversation and also, as I am relatively new to the job, the training has increased my confidence”

“Has given me further skills and methods to use which will hopefully result in more satisfactory outcomes”

“Techniques and phrases pointed out have put a new perspective on how I should make and receive calls”

“I think the training will improve the entire Division's collection rates and inspire confidence in staff”

“I will definitely feel more confident in dealing with all telephone calls - getting payment arrangements. This course has improved my skills in persuasion and negotiation”

This is a half day course aimed at raising the awareness of effective recovery action in providing telephone service excellence and improved performance in collecting debts and reducing arrears. It will provide an understanding of the key features and skills required to achieve successful payment negotiation with debtors using the telephone.

Who should attend? All staff involved in the negotiation of payment arrangements with debtors including managers responsible for revenue collection.

Course Content

* Module 1: Telephone call structure and etiquette

Power of the telephone, communication skills, call structure for both inbound and outbound calls

* Module 2: Negotiation skills and behaviours

Features of assertive, aggressive and submissive behaviours, debt negotiation strategies

* Module 3: Obtaining information

Questioning techniques, establishing debtor ability to pay

* Module 4: Controlling calls and managing confrontation

Techniques to maintain control, dealing with difficult debtor behaviour


Learning Outcomes

* Personal development of communication, negotiation and listening skills

* How to maximise debtor contact using the telephone

* How to manage different debtor behaviours


Course Timetable

9.30 Introduction and course objectives

9.35 Module 1: Telephone call structure and etiquette

10.30 Break

10.40 Module 2: Negotiation skills and behaviours

11.40 Break

11.50 Module 3: Obtaining information

12.20 Module 4: Controlling calls and managing confrontation

12.50 Course ends

NB – times are indicative only

This workshop is restricted to a maximum of 20 attendees to ensure good audience interaction, so do please book early to avoid disappointment. The workshop represents excellent value for money, with the half day seminar fees starting at only £89 + VAT.

Every third place from the same organisation booked in the same booking comes entirely free of charge.

A full brochure is available here