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Delivering excellence : focusing on quality and eliminating waste
Friday 17th May 2019

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Responding to requests from a number of delegates at recent events, IRRV in partnership with John Giblin has put together this valuable workshop.

If you think that you have a problem with your processes or procedures, this workshop is for you. If you think that your verification procedures are as lean they can be, how can you be sure? If you are not certain there is any value in still having RBV, come along!

This workshop provides a practical introduction to understanding how customer needs must be central to your processes/procedures. It also looks at the extensive efficiency opportunities presented by VEP - as well as some of the potential threats from VEP Alerts.

The workshop will explore the extent to which double-handling; waste; delays; rework and over-processing are negatively affecting the customer experience and driving up costs. It will also look at the extent to which you might re-structure and or re-engineer your processes to optimise efficiency and value for the customer.

In particular the workshop will provide an introduction to:

  • differentiating between value and waste demands

  • process mapping

  • matching your capacity to your work volumes

  • moving away from legacy Verification Framework thinking.

The day will also focus on:

  • how you might make best use of the latent knowledge and intelligence you have within your council

  • what are the challenges?

  • what are your options?

  • how do you pitch your preferred options?

Each session has time for questions and answers. And there will be an extended session in the afternoon for facilitated discussion. Finally, we will close the day with an open forum to discuss how the day’s learning can be practically deployed back at the office. The day will begin with coffee and registration from 9.30am and will conclude around 3.30pm to 3.45pm. A full agenda will be available to registered delegates before the event.

This seminar represents excellent value for money, with seminar fees starting at only £145 + VAT. Every fourth place from the same organisation booked for this workshop (and made in the same booking) is entirely free of charge.

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